About Us

Andy Somerville looking Manly and Beardy

Andy Somerville. Image courtesy of Mark Newton Photography.

Founded in 2012 by Andy Somerville, we are an independent brewery, forged in the heart of the High Weald, an ancient landscape in Sussex – rich in history and tradition.

Our inspiration comes from the history and stories of this ever-changing part of the country. Honouring traditional brewing methods whilst giving them a modern, progressive twist.

Proudly crafting a small range of artisan beers available in cask and bottles, full of flavour, creative & balanced.

We strive to make great beer for all to enjoy!

 The Beers

Our mission is to leverage our brewing passion and introduce you to compelling and unique beers with an appreciation of their history and focus on the ingredients.

Whether it be classic Sussex bitters, brewed with fine English hops or feisty pale ales with punchy, new world hops.  We strive to make consistently approachable yet interesting beers.

The Brewery

Beer is much more than the sum of its parts. At its most pure form, its just four simple ingredients: hops, malt, water and yeast.  Through the process of brewing, it is possible to make an infinite number of flavour combinations and styles. It is this endless creative possibility that fuels and flames our passion for fermenting beer.

About the Brewer

 “As a lad growing up in Sussex, my first introduction to proper beer was in my village pub, where I “cut my teeth” on such beers as Harvey’s Sussex Best, Flower’s IPA and Bishops Finger.  I’ve always loved traditional English ales, with subtle spicy hops and the way the flavours and aromas creep up on you as you get further down the pint.  However, once I started drinking beers laden with new world hops I was blown away by the intense pine, citrus a tropical fruit characters in these beers.  Not always subtle, but literally an explosion to the taste buds!

Styles such as classic Hefeweizen also intrigue me in the way that the beer is incredibly simple and celebrates the amazing flavours produced by the yeast. 

The new brewing movement in the UK is now incredibly exciting, with many breweries creating modern classics, blending styles and ideas.  Many of these guys are from a home-brewing background (as was I) and this creativity and originality really shines through in their beers.  Things can only get better and better as the UK is showing the world what great beer is all about”.